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Window Puzzles Release History

V 2.4

27 Aug 2019

We’ve updated the app’s insides so your puzzles run even more smoothly. Enjoy!

v 2.3

2 Jul 2019

Fixes start-up crash - all puzzle packs free until 1 July 2019.

v 2.2

26 May 2019

Stability improvements.

v 2.1

5 Feb 2019

Restores Apple Store in-app promotion.

v 2.0

26 Jan 2019

Smoother, faster, and clearer images. We've re-written large parts of the game to just make the whole experience that much nicer...and the stained glass windows themselves are now clearer and more vibrant. We hope you enjoy the new look.

The initial download of the app is also much smaller despite the higher resolution puzzle images. The in-app Puzzle Packs are now only downloaded to your device when you first purchase the pack or restore the purchase. Note: any previously purchased content will be automatically downloaded the first time you use this version.

v 1.3

13 Jan 2019

Just a quick update to allow the in-app puzzle packs to be promoted on the app store.

v 1.2

12 Jan 2019

New features and game play improvements including window titles (where known) and letting you explore completed puzzle images in detail.

v 1.1

29 Dec 2018

Puzzle Pack 3 added - 12 windows with a non-religious theme.

Game play improvements including being easier to pick-up skinny pieces and small shards are not hidden under your finger.

v 1.0

28 Dec 2018

The very first version of this great game. This version includes 4 free puzzles and 2 packs of 12 puzzles available via in-app purchase : Pack 1 - mixed, and Pack 2 - Church.