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ROP Release History

V 3.0

17 June 2019

A total rewrite in Apple’s native Swift language. With a new interface similar to that used by Apple’s email, it is super fast, familiar and works great on iPhones and iPads.

In particular:

  • All your account and collection data has been automatically migrated - including balances, dates, events, names and account types.

  • All balances including those for liability accounts (like credit cards) are now entered as positive (>0) numbers.  The old negative values used in previous versions have been converted for you.  A negative balance can be entered if you have overpaid a liability or overdrawn an asset.

  • The layout now takes best advantage of the type of device you have : iPad, small iPhone, large iPhone etc.  It uses a layout approach similar to Apple’s mail interface.

  • The app now uses Face ID or Touch ID where available. If you had previously set a password you will be asked to authenticate using the appropriate method. If your device does not support either of these then a password screen is presented.  Just use the same password you set in earlier versions.

  • Quadratic best fit trend lines are now shown on all charts.  The fit uses the data period you selected to chart. Go to the “FORECAST future balances” screen to see a list of future balances using this trend line in 3 monthly increments for the next 25 years.

  • Exported account data is now in a much simpler format easily used in Excel or Numbers.  Each balance date, amount and associated event is listed on one row.  An export is conducted against a single account with the resulting file being placed on your device.  You can find them now using Apple’s “FILES” app.  See the support pages for more information.

  • You can easily change the main theme colour (color) used in the app and that used for the trend line.  Just go to the “Settings & Support” screen to choose.

Some previously available features are no longer supported:

  • Straight line or set payment forecasts - quadratic fits are always used.

  • Secret questions and answers when setting a password.  Instead Face ID or Touch ID will be used where your device supports it.

  • Starting charts at $0.  All charts automatically scale to provide a best fit to the data.

  • Bar charts are no longer provided.  All charts are line charts but you can very easily choose how much of your data to chart (1 month through all data) thus letting you zoom in as needed.  

  • Events are now shown as open circles on the chart.  Use the “Show/Edit BALANCES & EVENTS” screen to read the event descriptions.

  • Files exported from the old version cannot be read by this version’s IMPORT function.  Just EXPORT each account again as needed.

v 2.0

July 2018

New Features

  • Greatly improved layout on all devices - particularly iPhones.

  • Entirely new FORECAST engine. Now you can choose to forecast an account using three different techniques:

  1. Let Richer or Poorer find the best CURVED LINE FIT to your real data. This is useful for accounts that grow or reduce in a compounding way (e.g. savings accounts, home loans). Behind the scenes this uses a Quadratic Simple Regression.

  2. Let Richer or Poorer find the best STRAIGHT LINE FIT to your real data. This is useful for accounts that grow or reduce in a straight forward way (e.g. transaction accounts). Behind the scenes this uses a Linear Simple Regression.

  3. You provide SET VALUES with which to forecast including an annual interest rate and a monthly deposit or withdrawal amount. This is useful for accounts where you know these values (e.g. a mortgage loan, a target savings account).

  • You can now set the STATUS of an account as either OPEN or CLOSED. A closed account will not have a forecast included in any collection it is a part of.

  • Collection forecasts now add together all the individual forecasts of any open accounts that are part of it.

  • Forecasts now are calculated at monthly rather than yearly intervals.

  • Increased the speed at which account, collection and forecast charts are drawn.

  • Much nicer welcome screens (introduction tutorial) for new users which is also re-playable from the SUPPORT screen.

  • Greatly enhanced help pages online available by 1 tap of the HELP button on every screen.

  • Linked to the new website including all new support pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that caused events to be incorrectly placed on zoomed-in bar charts.

v 1.5

February 2018

New Features

  • Charts now extend automatically to today's date for accounts or collections that are still open (that is where the last balance is not 0).

v 1.4

January 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where entries made in different time zones did not display correctly on the Balances and Events screens.

v 1.3

December 2017

New Features

Wow - such a lot of coding to make the app even better....

  • New finger gestures to manipulate the charts

    • slide 1 finger along the chart to see the balances and events on the corresponding date

    • use 2 finger pinch gestures to zoom in and out of the chart

    • use 3 finger slides to move a zoomed in chart left or right to display dates currently hidden.

  • Charts now display faster

  • Other behind the scenes improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

v 1.2

October 2017

New Features

  • Faster load times.

  • Smarter adding of balances to liability accounts (ones with a negative balance).

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes.

v 1.1

October 2017

New Features

  • ACTIVE accounts are now listed first. If the latest balance in an account is not 0 then it is an ACTIVE account.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected link to iTunes in the "Recommend to Friends" email.

v 1.0

October 2017

New Features

  • A rebuild of the old app Clever Net Worth.

  • Significant events can now be captured for an account on a specific day. For example you can make a note that "Bought my house!" to explain why a significant change in balance has occurred.

  • Significant events are shown on account and collection charts.

  • Improved handling of bar charts with large numbers of data points.

  • Added ability to truncate y-axis on Accounts and Collections. You can now scale the chart to show small changes more clearly.

  • Made account forecast lines stop at 0 appropriately depending on whether account is asset or liability.

  • Changed the BALANCES screen to constantly save so you don't need to use the save button anymore.

  • Changed the BALANCES screen to remove amount entry keypad and use native keyboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scaling issues introduced by a change in Apple's environment after the app was removed from support. All good now.

  • Fixed support web sites to new https:// as now needed by Apple.