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ROP Features Overview

Richer or Poorer - Features Overview

  • ACCOUNTS hold a series of balances on dates of your choosing.  E.g. savings account, house value, mortgage, or money you owe to your sister.
  • SAMPLE accounts are provided to help you learn by playing.  
  • COLLECTIONS combine multiple accounts together. E.g. Home Equity (house value and mortgage accounts) or Total Net Worth (all your accounts).
  • You can show Accounts or Collections as a TIMELINE chart or as a BAR CHART. Same data - different way of looking at the data.
  • You can SLIDE your finger across the chart to see the balance on that day, use 2 finger PINCH gestures to ZOOM in and out and 3 fingers to slide forward and back in time.
  • You enter new account BALANCES whenever it makes sense to you.  For example, you might enter the value of your home once a year, the balance of your mortgage once a month and the credit card whenever you feel like it.
  • Change the accounts in a collection using a simple HEATMAP.  Green accounts are currently in your collection and red ones are not.  
  • An estimate of the future value of an account or collection can be FORECAST.  You can choose the type of FORECAST and use SETTINGS to change the number of years ahead.
  • Record EVENTS for specific dates in an account.  Use these to record a description of why a significant change has happened - e.g. "I bought my house!"
  • The currency display format can be personalised by changing the symbol before and after the amount.  The thousands and fraction separators can also be set. 
    For example:     $1,234.56 AUD or 1.234,56€      
  • Change the colours (or colors) of the chart elements by going to the SETTINGS screen.   You can also set a PASSWORD to protect your data from prying eyes.
  • Get additional targeted on-line support by tapping the HELP button on each page.
  • and even more ....


An ACCOUNT holds a series of real balances over time.  These are entered by you whenever it makes sense or is convenient for you.  For example, you could have an account for a savings account in a bank, another to hold the changing value of your house over time and another to hold the amount you owe on a mortgage or credit card.  


A COLLECTION holds two or more accounts and effectively adds the account balances together.  So you could have a collection to hold the equity in your home (a collection of the Mortgage and House Value accounts), or one that shows your current NET WORTH (which has all of your accounts as members).


An account is made up of a series of BALANCE amounts that you have entered on given dates. A balance can be positive (you OWN it) or negative (you OWE it).  The account can also be marked as OPEN or CLOSED. 


An account can also have a series of EVENTS that you have entered against given dates. An EVENT is a reminder of a significant change in that account - like "I paid off the Mortgage!".


A very intuitive HEATMAP is used to add or remove accounts from a given collection.


You can have "Richer or Poorer" show estimates of your account or collection balances into the future.  And even better than that, you can choose how the forecast for each account is calculated.


This is where you set a range of options to customise the behaviour of the app.  You can change the currency display, the chart colours/colors, the number of years to forecast ahead, set a password or change between Timeline and Bar charts.


There is a wide range of support options available ranging from support for app features, CleverInfo news and sending an email to the developer to suggest new features or notify bugs that need squashing.