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Richer or Poorer - Frequently Asked Questions

If you ask a question that isn't covered elsewhere and that I think others will be interested in, a non-identifying version is likely to end up here. So use the contact form to ask your own question if the answer does not appear below.  Come back regularly for updates.


Where is MY data stored - Can anyone else Access it?

All of the app data is stored on your local device and is not replicated to any cloud server.  Only those that have access to your device have access to your data.  And if multiple people have access then you can protect your data from prying eyes using:

  • v2: a password - go to the “SETTINGS” screen

  • v3: Face ID or Touch ID - go to the “Settings & Support” screen


How can I access my Export file?

See here for details on the location and format of export files.

Can I Share Data Between Different Devices?

Not automatically.  Because data is stored locally on your device, it cannot be accessed from another device.   For example, if you have both an iPhone and an iPad connected to the same Apple ID, Richer or Poorer may get installed automatically on both devices when you first purchase it from one of them.  However the two versions will act independently and not share data.

You could copy a data set from one device to another by using the Export and Import function (see here) but this is a manual and non-straight forward process.

I deleted balances and dates from my account but those dates and balances still show in the collection. How do I delete them in the collection? 

This is the way collections work and is not a bug.  A collection brings together data from more than 1 account. In the case you are describing you must have a balance in another account on the date in question that is also included in the collection.

For example, imagine a collection called "House Equity" which has the accounts "House Value" and "Mortgage" as members. To start with let's also assume that balances exist for both accounts on 25 Dec 2014, 30 Jan 2015 and 15 Feb 2015. The collection will show a balance on all 3 dates : the sum of the balances of each account on these dates. Now assume you deleted the balance on 30 Jan for the Mortgage account only. The collection will still show a balance on 30 Jan : the sum of the balance on 30 Jan for House Value and the previous balance for Mortgage  (the one from 25 Dec in this instance). You would need to also delete the balance in House Value on the 30th Jan for that date to disappear in the Collection view.