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ROP Collection Membership

More on Collection Membership

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Remember that Collections are a combination of Accounts.   You change which accounts are included in a Collection using the COLLECTION MEMBERSHIP screen.


Tell Me About the Heat map

The HEAT MAP contains 1 entry for each account you have.  The colour/color of the entry on the Heat Map tells you if that account is part of the collection as follows:

  • GREEN accounts are INCLUDED in the collection.
  • RED accounts are EXCLUDED from the collection.


How Do I Change an Account Between Being Included and Not?

  1. Just tap the account entry on the Heat Map.  If it was Green (included) it will change to Red (excluded), and similarly, if it was Red (excluded) it will change to Green (included).
  2. When you are happy with the altered membership, tap the "Return to Chart" button.  The collection chart will be re-drawn with the new account set.