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PP Release History


12 Aug 2019

In iOS 13 Apple has removed the ability of apps (like PicturePeople) to access the “Notes” field in Contacts (to protect your privacy).

V2.0 of this app now stores your Picture People notes for a contact in its own file so that they can still be created and accessed even after your device has been updated to iOS 13.

If you install this update before your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 13, any existing Picture People notes will be copied across from Contacts so you won’t lose them.

Note: notes will now be local to your device.


18 Sep 2018

  • Brand new icon - Apple asked us to change it

  • Optimised for iOS 12 and the new iPhones

  • Fixed the in-app Settings screen to correctly display the Tab Bar

  • Improved the Settings screen layout

  • Link to Privacy Policy added on “Support” screen


1 Sep 2018

  • Easily add symbols like a bullet “• “ when editing notes. New tool bar of commonly used symbols appears above the keyboard.

  • Moved Picture People into the Productivity category of the App Store - where it belongs.

v 1.1

29 Aug 2018

  • Intelligent formatting of phone numbers including detection of your current country code.

  • Greatly improved input forms including:

    • Editing details of an existing person (now includes phone numbers & email addresses),

    • Adding a new person, and

    • Settings screen.

  • General useability improvements throughout.

v 1.0.1

25 Aug 2018

Fixed a broken link in the Recommend to a Friend email

v 1.0

23 Aug 2018

First version of the app released on the Apple App Store.