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PP - Privacy Policy


Last update: 11 Aug 2019

At CleverInfo we take your privacy very seriously.  As such we wish to assure you that Picture People does not collect or disclose any of your private data to either ourselves or any third party.  Please see below for full insight into how this app sources, stores and shares data.

Note: this document covers specific details on data handling within this particular app.  The general privacy policy for CleverInfo can be found here and should be read in conjunction with the information below.

Contact Information

Picture People is an alternative interface into the data held in your Apple Contacts database.  As such, on first use it requests access to your contacts.  If you deny access, the app will run but will not show or allow insertion of any information.

To be clear, Picture People displays the data in your local contacts (names, photos, phone numbers and email addresses) and saves any changes made back into your contacts. If you have multiple devices setup under the one iCloud account and you have Contacts enabled in your iCloud settings then any changes will also be reflected on your other devices through Apple's synching of your contact data.

CleverInfo or any other third party does not have access to this data.

If at any time you wish to revoke access to Contacts for Picture People, navigate to the Settings app on your device, select Picture People and turn off access.

Group Membership

Picture People allows you to group your contacts into 5 groups (Family, Friends, Services, Custom and Recents).  The membership of these groups is stored outside contacts in an iCloud Key/Value store on your personal iCloud account.  This allows this data to synch between your devices.

Again, this data is not available to CleverInfo or any other third party.

Picture People Notes

Notes made for Contacts that you make in Picture Picture (e.g. notes, phone logs, email logs etc) are stored in a separate file on your local device. They are not shared between your devices via iCloud but are automatically backed up if you have iCloud backups turned on.


Picture People allows you to easily add photos of your contacts.  Once found, these are stored in your Contacts database as described above.

The app allows you to find or obtain photos in three ways:

  1. Take Photo - the first time, the app will request access to your camera to allow this to happen.

  2. Choose Photo - this brings up your photo library stored on your device. Again, the first time permission is requested (if you haven't already provided it via the above).

  3. Assisted Web Search - this brings up a Safari browser window and starts a Google Image Search (with explicit filtering turned on) using the name of the contact. It is up to you to save any found photo into your photo library and then add it to the contact via the "Choose Photo" option above.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy or how this app handles data then please contact us via the link at the top of the page.

Thank you, Jeff from CleverInfo