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Picture People - Frequently Asked Questions

If you ask a question that isn't covered elsewhere and that I think others will be interested in, a non-identifying version is likely to end up here. So use the contact form to ask your own question if the answer does not appear below.  Come back regularly for updates.

v2.0 - What happened to how notes are stored?

In iOS 13 Apple has removed the ability of apps (like Picture People) to access the “Notes” field in Contacts (to protect your privacy).    V2.0 of this app now stores your Picture People notes for a contact in its own file so that they can still be created and accessed even after your device has been updated to iOS 13.

Note: notes will now be local to your device. For example, notes made on your iPhone in Picture People will no longer be automatically available on your iPad connected to the same iCloud account.

I was using Picture People before v2.0 - Where have my notes gone?

If you updated Picture People to v2.0 and ran it before installing iOS 13 on your device, all the previous Picture People notes will be automatically migrated across to the new storage location. This should be the case for most people as v2.0 was released at least a month before iOS 13 became publicly available for this very reason. Note: only notes made in Picture People are copied across - not any other notes you may have entered directly in Contacts.

Unfortunately if you installed iOS 13 (beta or production) before running Picture People v2.0, any pre-existing Picture People notes cannot be automatically migrated. This is because after iOS 13, the app is unable to access the Notes field in Contacts (Apple prevents this from happening). You can however still manually copy important notes from Contacts into Picture People if desired using steps like the following:

  • Open Apple Contacts

  • Select the right person

  • Scroll down to find the notes field

  • Copy the relevant note text

  • Open Picture People

  • Select the right person

  • Create a new note

  • Paste in the copied note text.

We are sorry if this has happened to you but the change in access to the Notes field in Contacts is out of our control.

Where is MY data stored - Can anyone else Access it?

All of the app data is stored on your local device and in your own personal Apple iCloud account.  It is not shared with the developer or available to anyone else.  Only those that have access to your devices have access to your data.  

In particular, all information in Picture People is actually saved in and read from your Contacts App on the device.  This includes any notes or phone/message logs etc.  Membership of your groups (e.g. Family, Friends etc) is stored in a hidden file on your iCloud account.  


Can I Share Data Between Different Devices?

Yes - that is assuming you have iCloud enabled on your devices and Picture People installed on each iPhone and iPad.  Any changes you make in Picture People on one device will be seen on your other devices as well. For example, add a person to your Friends group on your iPhone and it will show up in Friends when you open Picture People on your iPad connected to the same iCloud account. Easy.

Please be aware though that any notes made in Picture People remain local to the device on which they were made and are not available to other devices via iCloud.



Yes - Picture People automatically detects which email clients you have installed on your device.  Initially it is set to send emails via Apple Mail but you can change it to use any of the following email clients (assuming you have these installed on your device):

  • Apple Mail

  • Sparrow

  • Gmail

  • Dispatch

  • Spark

  • Airmail

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Yahoo Mail

Just tap on the "Settings" button at the bottom of the "All People" or group listing screens.  Note: on an iPhone you may have to first tap the "More..." button to see the "Settings" button.

Then tap on the "Email Client" button and select the one you want to use.


How can I find a photo of my person on the web?

Picture People can assist you to find a suitable photo if you don't have one already in your photo library.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Find the person by scrolling or searching through one of your group lists. Tap on them to see the detailed person view.

  2. Tap of their photo.

  3. Now tap on "Assisted Web Search". This will open a window in the Safari web browser on the Google Image Search page. The search term will be automatically set to the full name of the person.

  4. Scroll through and see if any of the images are suitable. Remember to also check that you are allowed to use the image (it isn't licensed or in some other way protected). Tap on that image to bring up a larger version.

  5. Now hold down on the photo until a dialog pops up with a "Save Image" button. Tap this to save a copy of the image to your photo library.

  6. Return to Picture People by tapping the "Done" button in the top left corner of the screen.

  7. Finally tap "Choose Photo" and select the recently downloaded image from your photo library. Now tap "Done" again in the top left and your entry will have the photo displayed you found on the web.

Too many words.? Here's a picture version.

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