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PNF Release History

V 3.0

10 Sep 2019

V3.0 brings greatly improved FOREX and CRYPTO/DIGITAL CURRENCY support. We’ve stabilised the fetching of the daily prices and made it much easier to choose the desired trading entity.

Specify the FROM and TO Currencies for a FOREX, e.g. USD to EUR.

Specifiy the CRYPTO code and MARKET, e.g. BTC in USD.

Please delete and re-add any FOREX or CRYPTO entries you previously setup to use the new stable data fetching methods.

V 2.11

4 Sep 2019

You asked for it and now Point and Figure Charts delivers. Moving Averages on the P&F charts!

You can now add two moving average lines on top of a Point and Figure chart with settable periods (in number of columns) for each stock. A 1 period moving average follows the average of each column on the chart. A 5 period moving average is the average of the last 5 column averages etc.

Moving Averages are commonly used to provide additional information to buy/sell signals on P&F charts.

Several bugs have also been squashed.

V 2.10

27 Aug 2019

The stock data in this app comes from Alpha Vantage. For most stocks this is a great source of consistent data. Unfortunately they sometimes drop lesser referenced stocks (usually lesser known stocks on non-US exchanges) from the data feed without warning for periods ranging from days and longer. This is entirely outside of our control and is a real shame as in all other ways this is the best data source available. This dropping of a stock happens very infrequently but does happen.

This update provides better messaging and fixes a rarely seen bug for when the above occurs for a stock you previously had in your watchlist.

v 2.9

20 Apr 2019

You can now set your own colours (or colors if you in the United States) for each of the Point & Figure and Line Chart elements. Make them look just the way that suits you. Change them by going to “Settings” from any Watchlist screen.

Also the charts will now redraw correctly when you rotate your device.

v 2.8.1

4 Apr 2019

Fix for a rare bug.

v 2.8

31 Mar 2019

Year labels are now displayed at the bottom edge of Point and Figure Charts.  They are shown below the first column with data in that year.  For example the label “19” shows the first column with data from 2019.

v 2.7

25 MAR 2019

Horizontal and Vertical counts are now included in the base release - no separate in-app purchase necessary. You can now use these features for free with the first 5 stocks and for any number of stocks once the “Unlock Watchlist” in-app has been purchased.

Plus a couple of bugfixes for some rare crashes.

v 2.6

28 Feb 2019

Thank you to some of our community for letting me know about a crashing bug introduced in v2.5. This release fixes this problem.

The problem only occurred when Show Months was on and a month symbol appeared at the head of a column.

v 2.5

25 Feb 2019

We have completely rebuilt the Point & Figure Chart routines in order to optimise the usage of on-board memory. Now the charts are faster to calculate and draw.

We also made a few other improvements along the way:

  • Horizontal count price targets added. This has been bundled with the vertical count price target in-app so if you have previously purchased this capability you can now use horizontal counts as well. Yay!

  • You can now select "Full" or "2/3rds" for the length of bear (downwards) Horizontal or Vertical Count targets. "Full" is the default. Change to the desired value on a stock's Parameters screen.

  • Vertical Counts are now calculated from the base of the Target Count column (as done in StockCharts) not the previous bar (as per the previous version).

  • Only the dominant Trend lines are drawn - this makes it much easy to understand the current and historical trends.

  • Fixed the centring of charts on the screen.

  • Restored the ability to change the display precision on Point & Figure Charts.

v 2.4

15 Feb 2019

You asked - we delivered. Thanks to a request from one of our great community of app users - thanks Tan.

  1. You can now setup multiple Watchlists - maybe "Portfolio", "Bank Stocks" or "Currencies" (see the screenshots). Any current stocks you have will initially be in the "Default Watchlist" but you can move them to any Watchlist you setup. Use the stock's parameters screen to change the Watchlist it lives in.

  2. You can also set your own display name for each stock. So instead of the stock code "8729.TOK" being displayed, you can now use "Sony". Again, just set these on the parameters screen for each stock. Any stocks added in previous versions will initially display the stock code and any new stocks added will show the company name. But now you can change this. Yeah!

We've also fixed a bug where a company name may be incorrectly changed. If you have any previously added stocks with this problem just delete and add them again.

v 2.3

31 Jan 2019

Two improvements for you.

  1. Previous to this version, the app calculated the box values on a P&F chart starting with the highest value downwards. This is a non-standard (but valid) approach. The standard approach of calculating from the smallest value up is now the default. But you can select “From Largest” on the Parameter screen should you wish to continue using the top-down approach.

  2. You can now enter your own box size - that is you don’t need to choose one of the predefined values. This applies to both Arithmetic and Logarithmic chart types. Now you can make it behave exactly as you want it to.

v 2.2

29 Jan 2019

When adding a new stock to the Watchlist, you can now do a search for the desired code by entering part of the code or company name and tapping “Search For Equity Code”. Then just tap the right one in the list provided. Use “Load Data For Given Currency or Index” for when you know the code or adding a non-equity. (See screenshot 2).

The default data period for a P&F chart is now set at “6 Months” rather than “All Data” as it is the latest data you are probably more interested in...and Automatic Box Sizes have been made a bit smaller than before.

v 2.1

16 Jan 2019

Amongst other things, v2.0 introduced adjusted close data.  Unfortunately this doubled the number of calls to the data provider - but not anymore. V2.1 has removed the double calls while preserving the adjusted close data. This makes the app faster to load new watchlist items or to refresh all data for a stock code.  That’s a win!

v 2.0

1 Jan 2019

A big update to celebrate the start of 2019. v2.0 of Point and Figure Charts now lets you use adjusted close prices for PnF and line charts. Adjusted close prices include adjustments for dividends and stock splits. The first time you tap an existing watchlist item it will reload all the data for that stock to include past adjusted close prices - so it may take a little longer than normal. To use adjusted closes, just select “AdjustedClose” as the PnF calculation method or line data type on the “Parameters” screen.

All data dates are also now shown in your local timezone.

v 1.3

18 Dec 2018

Point and Figure Charts now lets you calculate and draw more detailed charts than ever before. You can also zoom into detailed charts and scroll around to see exactly the features you want. Just use the normal two-finger pinch action on the chart when the detail is too small.

The app also better detects when the data service provider is experiencing issues with a particular stock and provides you with a better explanation.

v 1.2

9 Nov 2018

Point and Figure Charts now lets you establish estimated Price Targets using Vertical Counts. These can be calculated on any P&F chart with 2 or more box reversals. 
Access the functionality via a new button below a P&F chart and try it for free on one calendar day with all your stocks. After that, a small one-time purchase will unlock the ability to identify, calculate and display these projected price targets for the lifetime of the app for all stocks in your watchlist.

v 1.1

13 Oct 2018

Following a request from one of the members of our growing community (thank you Pratchayut Nutkumhang from Thailand), Point and Figure Charts now lets you zero in closer on the latest detail.

  • new P&F Chart Data Periods added: 1 Month, 2 Months and 3 Months.

  • P&F charts can be even bigger (by 1.7x) before the app will say they are too big to display…allowing for even more detail to be shown for small box sizes.

v 1.0

27 Sep 2018

The very first version of this great app. This version includes the “Unlock Watchlist” In-App purchase to allow people to try using up to 5 watchlist items before they buy.