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Map Puzzles - Frequently Asked Questions

If you ask a question that isn't covered elsewhere and that I think others will be interested in, a non-identifying version is likely to end up here. So use the contact form to ask your own question if the answer does not appear below.  Come back regularly for updates.


Where is MY data stored - Can anyone else Access it?

All of the app data is stored on your local device.  It is not shared with the developer or available to anyone else.  Only those that have access to your device have access to your data.

Where do the MAP Images come from?

All source images are obtained from (released under Creative Commons CC0) or Wikimedia Commons (various licences). The source of each puzzle image and the relevant Creative Commons or Public Domain licence is displayed under each map puzzle once it is selected for play. All image licences allow for unrestricted usage in a commercial application.